Terms of sale

    1.1. These terms and conditions of sale of the online store OÜ Kai Hestia (hereinafter: AsianCafe) (hereinafter: conditions) are valid for purchases at AsianCafe website www.asiancafe.ee.
    1.2. The seller of the products is OÜ Kai Hestia (hereinafter: the seller), address Maleva 2b – 39, 11711, Tallinn, Estonia, registration code 10243850, e-mail address info@asiancafe.ee, phone number 6406011. customer).
    1.3. The seller’s address is listed on the AsianCafe website.
    1.4. The seller has the right to change the conditions without prior notice by publishing new conditions on the website www.asiancafe.ee. The new conditions do not affect the content of already concluded agreements. The conditions which were in force at the time of placing the order apply to the legal relationship between the buyer and the seller.
    1.5. When placing an order, the customer confirms that he agrees with these conditions and undertakes to comply with them.
    1.6. The product images in the AsianCafe web environment are for illustrative purposes only. The main characteristics of the goods are described in the product card.
    1.7. AsianCafe customer service email address: info@asiancafe.ee. AsianCafe customer service is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 (excluding public holidays).
    1.8. In addition to the conditions, the law of the Republic of Estonia and the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia apply to making a purchase in the online store.
    2.1. To use the web environment, the customer must visit the website www.asiancafe.ee.
    2.2. The customer selects the desired product(s) in AsianCafe and adds them to the order.
    2.3. The customer chooses the place and period of delivery of the order.
    2.4. The buyer confirms the order and pays for the entire order in the payment environment provided by the seller. Before paying, the client checks that the products, quantities and prices reflected in the order correspond to the real wishes of the client.
    2.5. The seller will send an automatic email to the buyer about the order and receipt of payment.
    2.6. The seller will proceed to fulfill the order after the buyer confirms the order and pays for the entire order.
    2.7. The seller has the right to determine the minimum and maximum weight/quantity that the buyer can order.
    2.8. The seller has the right to completely or partially cancel the execution of the confirmed and paid order by sending a notification to the buyer’s e-mail address with justification. In this case the refund will be made to the same bank account from which the purchase was made within 14 days.
    3.1. Food prices at AsianCafe are in Euros and include VAT. The cost of package 0.20 euro per piece is included into price. (box, foil, etc.).
    3.2 The prices of products are indicated in AsianCafe at the time of purchase. If the selling price has changed at the time of receipt of the goods, the price valid at the time of placing the order shall apply. It is important that the buyer checks the prices reflected in the order before paying in accordance with clause 2.6.
    3.3. The client pays for the order in advance in full by the methods indicated in AsianCafe:
    3.3.1 Bank links in Estonia: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Luminor, Coop and LHV.
    3.3.2 Payments by Visa/Mastercard (credit cards).
    3.4. Payment is made outside the online store – when paying with a card or when paying with a bank link in the secure environment of the respective bank. The seller does not have access to the bank details and (credit) card of the buyer.
    3.5. AsianCafe is the main processor of personal data, AsianCafe sends the necessary personal data for making payments to the authorized processor Swedbank AS.
    4.1. Orders can be received from the cafe selected by the customer in the order (hereinafter: AsianCafe delivery point).
    4.2. Taking orders in a cafe:
    4.2.1. The cafe accepts orders through the AsianCafe cash desk on all days of the week (on holidays, see information in 1 – 2 days on the website or facebook page of the cafe.) from 10:00 to 22:00. Orders are accepted at Asian Cafe from Monday to Sunday by phone from 10.00-21.30.
    4.2.2. The customer will receive the order after providing the order’s number.
    4.2.3. The seller is not responsible for any damage caused to the buyer if, for reasons beyond the control of the seller, third parties received the order number and received the order based on it.
    4.2.4. The seller keeps orders until the end of the same day (i.e. until 22.00). If the client picks up the order later than the time specified in the order, he must take into account that the products have cooled down. If the customer does not pick up the order by the end of the same day, the customer is considered to have cancelled the order. The seller does not refund the cost of the cancelled order/product to the buyer.
    4.3. Verification of orders/products and transfer of risk of damage or loss of products:
    4.3.1. Upon receipt of the order, the buyer is obliged to check the conformity of the products with the order.
    4.3.2. If the products, the seller’s support service must be notified immediately, and the defective and unordered products must be returned to the cafe immediately.
    4.3.3. The risk of damage and loss of goods passes to the buyer from the moment of receipt of the order / goods.
    5.1. The seller processes the personal data entered by the buyer in the online store (including name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, telephone number) primarily to fulfill the order.
    6.1. According to the Law of Obligations Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply to a contract:
    6.1.1. the purpose of which is the transfer of a thing that quickly becomes unusable or obsolete;
    6.1.2. the purpose of which is to hand over the item in a sealed package that is not suitable for return for health or hygiene reasons and which has been opened after delivery.
    7.1. If the seller violates his obligations, the buyer has the right to demand the fulfillment of the obligation, refuse to fulfill the obligation due, demand compensation for damage, price reduction, delay in the fulfillment of the financial obligation or withdraw from the contract.
    7.2. In case of non-conforming products, a complaint can be submitted in accordance with clause
    4.3 upon receipt of the order or by e-mail to info@asiancafe.ee. The e-mail must include the buyer’s name and contact details, the date the claim was filed, the product defect and the content of the claim, and to attach the proof of purchase. The Seller undertakes to resolve the claim within 7 working days, if the reasons for the claim are beyond the control of the Buyer. If the cause of the complaint is caused by the customer, the customer must eliminate it immediately.
    7.3. The seller is not responsible for any damage or any other consequences (including delivery
    delays) resulting from incorrect data provided by the buyer when completing the order, if they
    are caused by circumstances beyond the control of the seller.
    7.4. Disputes between the seller and the buyer are resolved through negotiations between the parties. If an agreement is not reached, the client has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board (Endla 10A, 10122 Tallinn, www.ttja.ee) for out-of-court settlement of disputes. In addition, the European Union Electronic Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at http://ec.europa.eu/odr is the European Union’s electronic environment for e-commerce complaint resolution.