Celebrate your birthday at Asian Cafe

If you wish, you can spend your birthday in our cafe.

You are presented with a cozy room that accommodates a sufficient number of guests.

To celebrate a birthday in cafe is to make your holiday bright and unforgettable. Cafe optimally suited for adults and children.

With the help of Asian Cafe stuff you can decorate the hall by discussing its design in advance. It can be anything you want: balls, flowers, toys, etc.

Asian Cafe will help you to compose the menu and choose the dishes which you would like to place on your holiday table. Our staff will provide you with their help in arrangement of guests. Nearby is a bar, if necessary, you can always use it.

You can celebrate a birthday in cafe at any time of the year it fits to a sufficiently large number of people. Capacity is up to 40 people. With us you can spend even gorgeous anniversaries. Employees working in Asian Cafe will help you to fulfill your preferences and desires.

We are waiting for your reservations.

Asian cafe
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